Inventory and Audit Services 

The One Stop Shop for Stocktaking and Merchandising Services

OCS works at the forefront of the retail stocktaking industry and with over 50 years experienced we’re trusted by leading retailers for a wide range of inventory and audit services.


We are able to supply and manage the stocktake team, offering independence and integrity to the process while allowing your store staff to focus on achieving sales. Using our state-of-the-art systems, we collect and relay data instantly, providing detailed reports to show an accurate picture of the stock in your business. Alongside this we also provide supply chain auditing, which can help to identify incorrect deliveries and assist in the resolution of the disputes that can arise. Our service is designed to independently establish accuracy by highlighting errors quickly and easily.


We know how important first impressions are to your customers. Our visual merchandising display teams work to ensure that products and point-of-sale materials are always presented to a high standard. We also offer highly specialist services such as asset register, vehicle audit, pharmacy inventory and aviation stock control and distribution.

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